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Family Law

  • Divorce

  • Parenting Plans

  • Child Support

  • Domestic Violence

Family Law Appeals

Prenuptial/Postnuptial Agreements

Simple Wills and Powers of Attorney​​​



Trustworthy. Experienced. Innovative.

I practice law with a deep appreciation for our changing world, and the profound changes we are going through as individuals and in society. I am committed to the well-being of my clients, and am consistent, patient, and professional as I seek to give each client the attention she/he deserves. An integral part of my services is to work closely with my clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs, and for their life holistically. I seek clients with high levels of integrity who I want to get behind to make their lives better, fuller, and more expansive.


My goal is to help my clients move from where they are to where they want to be, personally or professionally. Ideally, I want to get to know my clients, and become a confidant and trusted advisor to them. I offer candid counsel and exercise my independent judgment to ensure that the tools, approaches, strategies, and solutions offered and/or implemented match the values and overall goals of my client(s), their families, and their lives in a holistic way. In every matter that I work on, my starting position is to help my client find a collaborative solution. While this is not always possible, or desirable, when it is possible, I help my client(s) make the decision(s) that resolve their legal issue with the most positive impact for all parties involved. I counsel my clients to make sound decision in all respects, financially, mentally, and emotionally. I pride myself on helping clients resolve their disputes, life issues, and goals (such as starting a business/growing a business) in a win-win way.


At my law office, I serve individuals and families in the greater Seattle area, and particularly in King county, but occasionally in Snohomish and Pierce counties. I focus on the areas of law and life that are paramount for a person’s sense of security and wellbeing—family, home, and planning for death and disability.

Although trial is generally the final resort, I have extensive experience in family law trials and hearings. My experience in trial guides me in how best to help my client's resolve their issues and gain optimal outcomes while always preparing for trial in the event that settlement is not possible. 

I also take on family law appeals for people who are not in agreement with the trial court's orders, but do so only upon ensuring to the best of my ability that the appeal has merit and is worth undertaking because appeals can be equally as expensive as trial and not an endeavor to pursue lightly.

For all of my work, I offer free initial consultations. The attorney/client relationship generally requires the attorney and client to work closely together so I try to ensure that there is a high chance of being able to work well together.

Family Law

Family law covers a broad area of practice, consisting of separation, divorce, custody, adoption, paternity, child support, property division, relocation, parenting plans, modifications, abuse, and domestic violence.


Additional areas of family law include such things as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well as family law appeals. 

Estate Planning

Healthcare Directives
Power of Attorney

Consciously planning for death and disability is a deeply personal experience that can bring couples and families closer together, open dialogue, remove ambiguity, and make life more certain for all involved. I am honored to work with each client in this capacity.

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